A cut above the rest


Currently we have held ourselves up at Derby. It is a small town in the upper East side of Tasmania. We are here due to the rain and the potential mountain biking to be had……by me. The rain had put a dampener on all things biking, as “Blue Tier” is closed. It’s a magical trail, with a decent 1 to 4 hours cycling time in length. Winding down the hill/mountain takes you through arid scrub, dense rainforest and scenes that take you straight to the wonderlands of ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Avatar’.

Still that is for another day. The trails are wet so it is a lay day. Mandy and I shouted ourselves brunch at a café up the road. Upon our return we spot half a tree having a sleep coming from the house where we are staying.

A quick phone call later and we are going to have a go at cutting it down.

Tree having a sleep

So after swearing a lot at the petrol chainsaw that wouldn’t start, we decide to do the job with the smaller battery one. It is fantastic. Light, powerful, not noisy, easy to use and a pleasure to use. Half a day later and…

Tree tucked in ready for a big rest.

Here are some action shots.


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