Buderim Falls, in the middle of everything


Once in a while you find something interesting, something unexpected. Not lost but definitely not where you thought it would be. In the middle of the Sunshine Coast and also on school holidays, we found a little gem. A hidden treasure, a secret haven, a moment of sanity, nestled within the quagmire of suburbia.

Getting there

A meandering creek, a crisp waterfall, clear pools. Why aren’t there 1000’s of people climbing over each other to get here? I guess it may be because it is winter. Perhaps all the witches would simply melt in the pure water. I don’t know, however I do know that it was a nice place. An easy walk and very accessible for a one day trip from Brisbane.

Walking around

The paths are relatively flat. Most of the walk is boardwalk, with only a few rocks to be scaled and muddy puddles to be splashed through. You never know the people who you will meet on these adventures, some may even be related. Some have funky pink jumpers on.


The further you go into the forest, the more you can breathe. The air is clearer and the signs of new growth are all around. Trees are standing there chillin’, yoga dudes and dudettes are sitting in Lotus positions and the occasional tourist appears to be in a massive hurry to push past and see the waterfall first. Cool by me, let’s go at our own pace and enjoy.

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