Bridport; North is nice.

Scottsdale north to Bridport was only a short 27Km on a very nice road. Saturday traffic appeared to be friendly with only a few logging trucks to awaken our senses. We loved the ‘door fence’ just out of town. Making use of available resources always a good thing; reduce, reuse, repurpose. I think Dr who would be annoyed that he has lost the front door of the Tardis though. The lovely pub was where I had my first beer in town. It has a friendly atmosphere with an old world charm, including sash windows…that were painted shut.

Along our journey we found a blackberry bush on the side of the road. It was massive and the farmer didn’t mind us helping ourselves. So many and perfectly ripe. Yum.

Now we are in Bridport. A lazy little town that is the gateway to Flinders Island. They also have quite a large fishing fleet/industry here. The foreshore is developed with cafés, gift shops, fish and chips, a post office and the usual couple of pubs and two IGA shops. Around the back of the town is a nice walk of around 5 Km with a 1 Km walk along the esplanade. Very relaxing whilst keeping your heart rate up for a bit. Keeps the doctor off my back.

The walk takes in a 1930’s aqua duct (water race) that was used for the town water supply. Along a little further you find a settling pond, installed to give the users cleaner water. It was needed when a fish farm was developed, and a weir to make the aqua duct work in the first place.

So many blackberry bushes. So little time…

Directly in front of where we are staying is a lovely inlet. When the tide is low this entire area is sand. It is a designated dog beach, and they go absolutely nuts with so much sand to run around on. Plenty of stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing and fishing as well.

A lovely spot.


  1. Les!
    Your photography is outstanding.
    We enjoy following your daily adventures .
    Greetings and love to both.

    • Thanks heaps Michael.
      I have been practicing a lot and just getting used to the camera is really what makes the difference.
      Looking forward to seeing you both along the way.


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