Melrose (place ….. ha ha) & Coober Pedy

Moving forward from Adelaide towards the Flinders Ranges, a number of interesting small towns pop out to say hello. This one was very interesting, considering we have found where Nessy is hiding.

Alligator Gorge boasts many undercuts, sheer walls, alpine trees and seriously loose and slippery rock trails. It was raining and the footing is marginal at best.

Today was meant to be about mountain biking, but we wanted to keep our collarbones in one piece. Dodging the rainfall we decide to do a walk at the local Gorge.

The Terraces. Boasting ancient solidified sand patterns. Look down the bottom of the photograph. The washboard look of the stone was water affected sand on a beach. Far far away from the ocean now.

Poor little fellas were freezing cold.

A few Skippys are getting around. These appear to be quite hairy and very cold in the rain and the wind. We wanted to give them a cuddle, but they didn’t want one. You can see the mum in the right-hand image, with Joey in pouch. No sign of the Joey obviously, the fur coat is a nice place to be inside of.

A wonderful variety of black-boy bushes, extremely old rocks faces, beautiful coloured fascias.

Monster truck tractor!!!

A short ride around 50Km on a rail trail from Melrose to Wilmington. Complete with emus, large expanses and mountain bike trails with smooth berms and fun downhill runs. The pie at Wilmington was one of the best I have ever devoured.

Cober Pedy was on the horizon. However, a quick stop beside the road in the middle of nowhere.

Coober Pedy and a free camp in the middle of town.

Such a wide expanse of earthy (derrr) colours. Mind blowing in its grandeur.

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