Russell Falls

After a day of washing our clothes, the van and us, we decided to trek back to Russell Falls. It is just so beautiful and I wanted to try a new set of settings on the Olympus. Main focus (excuse the pun) here was to capture some back light in the trees, have a slow enough f stop to blur the water, whilst keeping the rockface and foliage relatively sharp for a hand held shot.

So I’m happy with elements and not happy with others.

The water is nice.
The back light on the trees is OK.
I’m not happy with the clarity. It is because it was handheld and I should have taken more time.
Oh well…..have to try again. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. it could also have been the Shiraz I had just prior to the walk.


  1. Its good for hand held .. a lot to like about it..The colours are great. something makes me think its not quite level .. the vertical water in the main water falls looks a bit off.

    i straightened it and cropped off the top bit with that bit of sky in it.. It looks great especially for a hand hold.. there is nothing worse than lugging a tripod up and down water falls..

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