Knife-edged coastlines

Carpenter Rocks & Beachport

Our introduction to the South Australian coastline was rather dramatic. Age old, weather-blasted, time beaten, into ‘Aerobar’ shaped sculptures, of grandeur and mystique. Oh how I wished the fishing line was in hand, pilchard sacrificed, in order to retrieve a generous tuna, salmon or bream; another day perhaps.

The wind was strong, surf surging, white caps out to the horizon. Blues, aqua and green waves with white froth constantly mix and remix in a rhythmic motion. Soothing methodic giants, reaching their existence crescendo, in an abruptly violent explosion, rushing towards mainlands outstretched sandstone and basalt hands. The stone bridge looks fraught with crumbling unstable rock. If I could have worked my way out to it, I would have loved to have crawled across its ragged sharp structure. Perhaps some safety equipment would have been necessary, but I would have loved to try…” here hold my beer”.

No, I didn’t just zoom into a loaf of crusty, sourdough for the above image. Hmmmmm Sourdough. Might have to find a bakery.

When you find fishing boats, you will find fishing birds. In this case terns, sleek and speedy (you want to try and take a photo of these buggers), ready for any condition and willing to salvage bits and pieces of fish and bait; they owned this jetty. We were the intruders and we needed to give way to them. Their numbers were massive, as was the layer of freshly applied sealant they had left on the walkway.

Finding another jetty, a big one; a quick lunch and an awesome pie prior to hitting the road again. Our destination is close to Adelaide to meet up with friends. We plan on venturing back this way a little more slowly when wandering home.


  1. fabulous foto’s Lez, seeing my home grounds in a new light, thank you, the colours are amazing, gotta get into lightroom

    • I know uncle Bill.
      This is why I’m doing the Blog. No way I’ll remember everything else and all the places otherwise.
      It is an amazing time.

  2. We live on an amazing continent; so diverse. Lovely photos and prose. Christine Highet would be proud of you!

  3. Beautiful coastal photos. I can only imagine how it must be to experience such beauty. I have only one question about something near and dear to my heart…what kind of pie?

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