Ah Amsterdam


Ah Amsterdam, yes it is everything….and I mean everything….that you have read on the postcard. The good, the bad and the ugly. Although, I didn’t see much ugly. It is a major city; so many tourists and so much traffic. It reminded me of a scene, from an underwater documentary where schools of baitfish are swimming in great clouds and a predator is zooming through them, with the cloud parting with every swoop. Cars, bikes, pedestrians and massive gulls; moving in a harmonious anarchy.

Need to mow the Grass

Mandy and I both commented on having a different experience here, a different feel. Different architecture, canals everywhere and a constant, sometimes not so faint, smell of burning herbs in the breeze. All the stereotypical aspects that you have heard of Amsterdam are here. Shall we say, they have a liberal and accepting view on the world. Apparently Cannabis is illegal here, hmmmm didn’t appear to slow down the populous.

Vintage Marine

I took a particular interest in the boats littering the canals. Some dating back to the late 1800s, it is so good to see them looked after and restored. Most are made from Iron. Some still used the timber techniques within design and construction, as iron was a new material to work with.

Where the old boats used to be an inexpensive place to live, times have changed. To purchase a berth to dock your boat you will need to find 500 000 euro. Then buy the boat. However, you will own that berth for 100 years or until you pass away. It is not transferable to your family.

Wine and Cheese

Can’t go to Amsterdam and not do a ‘beer/wine and cheese’ cruise around the canals. Thanks for the suggestion Michael, it was well worth it. Did you know that the word Amsterdam literally means a ‘Dam’ of the river Amster. The entire place is a DAM.

Damn nice as, too.

Night time by the Canal

So the ‘Old Church’ is positioned at the doorstep within the redlight district. This was condoned by the church so they could see who was frequenting the area and who would need to pay the a visit on the way back out.

Night views


  1. Plenty of Bikes Les, I like the no smoking sign for cannabis, we liked it and did a walk through the red light section with some of the ladies sitting in the windows showing off their product, ha, ha!

    • Yes, that is true. It is a spectacle of an area. I did like the cruse up the cannel as well. Lovely place, but hectic.

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