North Flinders Island

Today was a day to discover the North of the island. It does take a while to drive the 80ish km, as half the island has paved roads and the other half has well groomed dirt roads. To complicate matters wombats, so many snakes and skippies (roo shaped objects large and small) like to walk, crawl, slither and generally play chicken with the cars. P.S. we didn’t see any chickens however there are plenty of Cape Barren geese and Tasmanian native hens.

We have actually seen most of these.

Photos of Birds found on Tasmania, and on King and Flinders Islands | Beauty of Birds


On the way to the north, we did a little detour to Killiecrankie Nature Recreation Area. It is so nice to see beaches that are relatively untouched. So many shells at this quite young beach. Also topaz and even the odd diamond have been found here on this beach. No such luck for us today.

North East River.

The North East River looks like a surfer’s paradise…errr sorry. The waves were breaking as far as the eye could see down the coast. Slowly rolling in, building majestically in size and power to a good three to five foot set. Crisp and sharp lines at their apex, before the winds captured their peak and sprayed a fine mist backwards, back towards the ocean. Most waves maintaining a tube for the entire break. The weather was pleasantly cool and the wind a little gusty. It would be a lovely winter’s day back home, but this is mid-summer in Flinders.

We did contemplate a swim, however after looking at all the wave action, the crazy movement in the water and the many rips, the decision was to simply enjoy the view. The water is so crisp and clear, it is easy to see any sea life travelling within the waves. No pollution, no rubbish, just nature at its finest.


Yesterday I became a little older, by one year. I was lucky to have wonderful company and opportunities fall into place throughout the day that made my birthday a very special one. Thankyou to every-one who contributed. Here is a few photos of the spoils of an amazing meal, caught that day by wonderful fishermen walking the sea floor, prepared and cooked by experts and enjoyed with truly uplifting company, after a wonderfully hectic day.

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