Warrumbungles NP

That’s a big name. It suits, cause it’s a big park. Interesting this one. It is very uppy and downie. The volcanic action that created it lasted over four million years. And that occurred 17 million years ago. WOW! When you hear figures like that, you realise that the human race is a mere blip on the surface of this planet.

Day 1
Attempting Gould’s circuit that climaxed at Macha Tor, satisfied our need for a decent walk. Six and a half km of easy graded and even paved path, yes paved, made the walking a relaxed afternoon stroll. Well, except for the last bit. The last bit was full on, climbing up rock faces using well-placed tree roots for hand grips and jumping over rock crevices at serious height. Besides that …. it was an easy walk.

This is harsh country. It has endured the fires of the past well and regrowth is plentiful with recent rain. We were surprised to see the trees in such a state. Poor things, crying tears of red blood as they shed their burnt coats and heal from the inside out.

The climb was well worth it. We stayed at the top for quite a while. We drank water, ate a muesli bar and talked to the mouse who also wanted to eat my muesli bar. Overlooking this landscape had a calming, meditative, psychological effect. Stress literally left me, tension literally left me. How can I bottle this?


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