Cowley beach kids shelters

Good things come in small packages like Cowley Beach.

You know that point when the rice is just about to boil over.  The water is rising quickly in a volcanic surge, with a desire to erupt onto the vogue cooktop previously cleaned to Martha Stewart standards. 

That’s where my brain is right now…work induced CTSD.  That is current traumatic stress disorder……..we’ve all been there.

Time to figuratively grab the pot off the stove, jump in the van and head south, find a beach, gorge gully, mountain, creek, rapid, bakery, small town, MTB, SUP, any and all adventures please.



Every exciting adventure requires methodical planning.  Weeeeeeell, sometimes that methodical planning involves ten minutes looking at a map whilst eating dinner an hour prior to departure.  Whatever works…

Cowley Beach.

A short jaunt from Cairns is Cowley Beach.  A night at the van park with power, allows the fridge to get really cold and make sure everything electronic is fully charged.  The council park is quite small in site numbers, whilst giving each site plenty of space.  Grey nomads everywhere mixed with young families zoom around place.  Yeah, this will do us for a bit.

The meandering beach path gestures to us, whilst we knock back coffee number one.  Our inquisitive natures suitably stirred; we find ourselves on foot a few kilometres down the beach discovering everything beachy.  Today’s delights include driftwood, drift logs even, pippies, seaweed, small sticks, shells and pumicestone everywhere.  Humans are involved as well, although our observations conclude that if there were any fish around, they were very safe. 

Serenity at its pinnacle, until 4:30am the next morning.  4:30am were the first helicopters, the little attack helicopters.   The day the war began, Apocalypse now, every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in the eighties engulfed our every sensation.  Base drums reminiscent of a Bush Doof, chest thumping like a night at the winter nats.  By 5:30 chinooks with howitzers suspended only 50m above our heads, graced us. 


We didn’t know the army had a training ground literally next door.  We do now. 

Sunrise photograph is in order.

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