Vienna is ‘Salzburg X10’

Vienna Vienna Vienna.

To put things into perspective, the populous of Vienna is very similar to other cities. I said similar, but certainly not the same. The 20-30 something lads were still out doing blockies through the main “…to be seen…” street. The difference here is the ‘lads’ are driving the latest AMG Mercedes, BMW’s, a Stingray, a Ferrari, even a Bugatti Chiron. All brand spanking NEW. As I said, a little bit different….

Built environment

To describe the built environment of Vienna, hmmmmm. If you read my last post about Salzburg, take all that information and times it by 10. Everything is bigger, more churches, more statues, more fountains. We LOVED Salzburg, our mind was completely BLOWN in Vienna.

These are just on the ride to the Palace.

The Vienna Palace

Bratislava – a new country

Time to jump on the bikes and head down the Danube again. It was a hard day, 25Km/h head winds all day, for 83Km. It was hard. Still we rolled in after around 10 hrs of riding and a few stops at 7:30pm.


  1. Just as well the two of you are as fit as you are with 25Km/h head winds all day, for 83Km. Wow!!

    I always feel jealous reading your blogs, but there is no way i could do any of the things the pair of you are doing. My doctor will not let me ride a bike because of my artificial knees which really bugs me!

    Jenny and I are just going to have to “live life”through the experiences that the two of you have.

    The most exciting thing we have done is drive to Townsville to stay with Kimberly, Sam and the kids last weekend.

    FNQ is the same as always – a few rainy days and plenty of heat, although, hopefully that will change as we move through Autumn into Winter. Hmmmm?

    Keep on keeping safe and enjoying yourselves!

    All our love, J & J

  2. Hi Les & Mandy, WOW, your experience visiting these lovely cities is great and the fact that you are sharing them with us is great too, have you had to replace any tyres on the bikes as yet, we are off to Georges 70th. Birthday next weekend Airlie Beach, it a surprise organised by his friends who he lives with, stay safe on your ride, Uncle Bill

    • Hi Uncle Bill. Thanks very much, it is an amazing place. So rich history, both modern and ancient and bind blowing built environment. We are on Schwalbe bicycle tyres, so they will last 10 000Km no problem, I put new ones on prior to our trip to Tasmania a few years ago. The tubes are new for this trip and touch wood, no issues as yet.

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