That’s what we awoke to. A big, roaring booming sound. Initially I thought it was a truck going past with issues, however I couldn’t hear the motor. Strange, I said to myself. The van shook as well, however being in a smaller van it has a tendency to move around a little, so we didn’t think anything of that. Mandy was convinced it was thunder. Upon venturing out and speaking to some locals, we discovered that there was an earthquake with the epicentre 19Km away to our south. Hmmm, I hope Thredbo is still there…

Driving and sitting isn’t good for the body. When you can’t get outside for an extended period, it makes it a little crazy, at least inside my head it does. So I thought it was time to find somewhere to stretch my extremities. Yoghurt no Yoga….that’s it. Booking a class online is all too easy now. Off Mandy and I went for some much needed spiritual and physical elongation.

After the class and whilst feeling very relaxed, the incense did smell a bit funny, we decided to put the canoe in as the hard rain had stopped. Scouting the water’s edge we came upon a problem. It seems that one can’t simply canoe in said waters. They are dangerous! Why? I here you ask. Well, because they are really cold. If you fall in you will instantly become an iceberg. Titanics everywhere would find you an issue, and no-one wants that again.

A drive around Jindabyne was now in order. We have found some mountain biking trails and a 4WD trail to get to them. Lucky we are in a 4WD…..couldn’t help myself.

Autumn all about.
Chameleon leaves metamorphosising colour, like the aliens that they are. (cause trees are aliens … moving on) Obviously the trees are in their teenage years, undressing and throwing their leaves onto the ground for someone else to pick up. They are getting ready for their new attire to arrive in the shops during early Spring. (hmmm perhaps there really was something in that incense.


  1. There’s a whole town underneath that lake, when they make it they just moved out of the houses. With a REALLY, REALLY warm wetsuit ( or better a drysuit) you can dive and look at them.

    Funny, the only place I’ve been in an Earthquake in Australia was in the Snowies as well!

    Obviously there some big creature living there, or whatever your earthquake mythology of choice is….

  2. I hope your weather improves soon. Camping is not fun when you’re freezing, although I’m sure you two hardy souls can make the best of it.

    • We did a little walk up the side of a mountain today. Was cold but beautiful. So yes we will always make the best of it. Blog to come.

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