SUP time

Ravenshoe & Koombooloomba dam

Ravenshoe a wonderful find

Every now and then, something that has been staring you in the face for years jumps out and bites you on the nose. That moment when you are looking everywhere for your glasses and they are already on your head. Trying to find your mobile phone when you are talking to your mum…whilst using said phone. You know what I mean.

Ravenshoe is like that.

It has always been there, you have lost count of the number of times you fuelled up at the BP; driven through the main street and other than stop at the bakery, you didn’t even blink. Then there is that one time when you actually do stop, look around and smell the proverbial roses.

Low and behold, this place is really nice.

Tall timbers caravan park

Looking for places to keep the van safe for a few days, we investigated the free camping, then camping parks that were on offer. The BP has a campground behind it and it is very nice. With a meandering stream dividing the lightly sloping grounds, space is not an issue. Each site is flat with ample powered and unpowered versions. Facilities are oldish, however, they are well-kept and spotlessly clean. Can’t say the same about myself, oldish and in need of a wash after a few days on the road. The local platypus was in full stealth mode and did elude us today.

Now I’m picturing a platypus with a bowie knife in its bill, green zinc over the nose, crawling across a field of grass, whilst Huey Helicopters buzz overhead . My mind is interesting.

Koombooloomba Dam – Rapids

Ah, the air is cooled as the water was released from the dam wall. A fine spray filled the breeze reinvigorating us as we spotted fish of all sizes enjoying the running water. They were jumping around in a lively fish manner. If fish could jump.


One of our most favourite pastimes (I have a few) is the Stand Up Paddle board. I never thought that being able to stand on water would be so emotive. I mean obviously Jesus had this covered years ago and it took the rest of us a while to cotton on. Virtually walking on water and being able to look, not just at the water top, but into the lake / stream / ocean / creak / dam, enables an immersion within the environment. Add to that some crystal clear aqua coloured water, the likes I have never seen in an Australian dam before and you have a mind blowing experience ahead of you. It is so clear, you can see what the fish are learning all the way at the bottom of the dam. Sorry, school pun.


Coffee, being one of the main food groups. Must be created correctly and tastefully whilst on the road. Many have tried to emulate the barista’s wisdom. Many have failed.

Aeropress was successful.

Our requirements

On the way out

An easy drive with only the occasional scrub turkey and lizard to watch out for. The road is made from a variety of dirt and tar sections that were actually fairly smooth all the way. Only a few potholes and the correct amount of corrugations on the uphill grades, mostly out of corners.


In the afternoon we tried again. We failed again. Perhaps tomorrow morning.

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  1. Looks gorgeous… and couldn’t agree more about the Aeropress, after years of having to use instant or coffee bags or something else there is no comparison 😀

    You are getting great use out of the van – and the paddle boards!

    We did some more SUPing in Fiji, combining it with snorkelling was frigin awesome. Like you said, one more favourite pastime to try to squeeze in – need to get work out of the way 😀

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