Fresh cut grass.

Moto-day Atherton


Holidays can be a great time to really get your teeth into the jobs that need to be done around the house/yard/car/camping equipment, whatever. You know, those activities that require a number of consecutive days hard at it to see some progress. I do like having the time to focus on different things, use a different skill set, a different part of the brain. Building a shed, making some work tables, putting a window into a wall, that sort of thing. Balance is important and it is necessary to have some motorcycling time as well. Today was about that. Today was me and my motorcycle.

Freshly cut grass-yum

That fresh cut smell

After the hectic climb of the Gillies, I’m now meandering along a stretch of country road with nowhere in particular to go, and no particular time to get there. (Sounds like a song). The air is thin, crisp and cool. My Honda is purring like a kitten and sipping fuel at 1.9L per 100Km. It likes these speeds 40/50 Km/hr, this cool temperature and this altitude, some 2400ft above sea-level.

I like it too.

I find myself noticing colours. A dominance of green, the fields, the grass, the trees and in the distance, the mountains. Blue skies above, red soil and rust coloured cows. Their iron levels must be high.

As I float down the silky smooth road, grass strewn confetti is picked up in the airstream eddies around the bike. I notice in my mirrors the cuttings reconnecting, re-joining with all the enthusiasm of an young child haphazardly clapping their hands with the upmost joy. An overwhelming aroma fills my nostrils.

I am happy.

Cows and freshly cut grass

I ‘herd’ these guys were friendly.

These blokes caught my eye. I stopped and they all walked over to the fence. A very friendly lot, if not a little tentative when they were very close.

Still clad with my cycle helmet and jacket, I guess I looked a little different to the normal farmer / tourist / day tripper.

Hmmmm, I really wanted to pat them, but how to gain instant trust in a herd animal.

Big horns and grass trust.

Yum yum

Trust isn’t an issue when you present freshly cut yummy grass, at hand height, to be devoured. Turns out the largest set of horns was also the most friendly. Big soft eyes and a tentative nature, which is surprising considering they are such a large, heavy and strong animal. Thank god cows don’t go rogue. That would be catastrophic.

Fresh smooth grade


That moment when you turn the corner, the sun and the moon align, all the gods have collaborated, discussed then delivered perfection.

Perfection is a freshly graded, rolled, watered and dried pathway to unparalleled, euphoric riding Valhalla.

Be it a smooth tar or dirt road. Be it in winter or the middle of summer. A road like this, deserted and all mine.


Probably a good I idea. I mean the road is obviously tightening in the curve. It is time to head home, the sky is darkening and afternoon thunderstorms are a regular occurrence this time of year. But yeah-nah…..what is the worst thing that can happen. πŸ˜‰


Shed it.

All revitalised and full of enthusiasm. Time to finish the shed.


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