Agnes Waters

Surfing, longboard competitions, pizza, paperbark board walks, yoga, beach walks, lookouts, 1770, history, and beach swimming. That just about sums up our couple of days at Agnes Waters. We landed here amongst the Agnes Waters Classic, a long board competition. I had never seen a surfing competition before, it was totally gnarly. Makes me want to learn to surf properly on a board. Perhaps when the rain stops falling, I will find a beach with some kind waves.

Agnes Water Longboard Classic (

The beaches are long and lovely. Sand stretching for miles, in fact all the way to the next town….1770. Mineralised sand has a lovely orange hue, a perfect accent to a clear sunrise. We found the course sand to be easy to walk on either at low or high tides. Flowing dunes bordered the beach edges and the scene was garnished with a surrealistic, weather beaten tree trunk, that has been positioned by natures forces in order to disrupt the water’s methodical rhythm, painting a unique three dimensional spray image upon the incoming methodical wave ……. after wave.


Reedy Creek Reserve.

On the way to Hervey Bay we stopped at Rosedale. There is great camping behind the pub if you’re ever in the area. $5 per person for the first night. Here, we had a delicious pub meal while catching up with our friends, Michael and Ciska.

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