more or less

more or less
right or wrong
perpetual cerebral disorder
an event can create clarity

Life is one amazing journey.  One moment you are tearing around the planet, the next in a hospital bed.  The yin-yang continues and you really have to make some decisions, for clarity, for life.

What is all important to me?
What can I do to support this?
How can I and those around me, benefit from these decisions?

I strongly believe … you have nothing, if you do not have your health.

Cliché time

You are what you  eat.  And my earlier culinary decisions weren’t perhaps the most physically advantageous.  Although they were delicious.

Around 10 years ago I was hit by a car whilst riding my bicycle in Cairns.  During the complete physical and CT scans, the doctors found a kidney stone in me.  It has been happily lounging within me for more than ten years now.  Kinda like the pet that you really didn’t ever want.  It would occasionally kick, bite, stab and regularly be annoying.

So four years ago, I started the procedure to have it removed.  Pandemics and things have slowed this process down a little …. who knew ….  One month ago was my first surgery and a few days ago was my last.

It’s gone and to quote a famous singer… “we are never ever ever ever getting back together”  thanks Taylor.

And it will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER return.

Me insides

On the left we can see the procedure. In the middle the actual gnarly, jagged, rugged, yucky, painful stone. No, rock. No, BOLDER! On the right is the stent that I have to remove myself next week, YAY.  That may not be fun, but it will mark THE END of the stone.

I choose this life

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  1. Ah this is inspiring, live a life filled with better choices, really enjoyed this one Lez, lovelovelove to you 4, Lxxxxxx

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