Mt. Strzelecki


Time to stretch our legs and climb a mountain. Mt Strzelecki and the bump on the right is our target. The scenery changes all the way up from dense forest, man ferns, snow gums, rocky outcrops and horizontal blown trees up the top. It is the highest point in the world. No, it’s actually the highest point on Flinders Island.

Strzelecki National Park | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

Fully loaded hiking lady.

Half way up we get to see what we are in for. We kept searching for the ‘Blue seat’ we’d heard about. It was a lot higher than we thought it would be. It was a 5 hour return walk including lots of photo time and poking around wombat burrows.

Fotheringate Bay to the right and Trousers Point to the left of the peninsula.

At the top of the mountain you can walk all the way around the summit and literally see the entirety of Flinders Island.

Sitting at Trousers Point, looking back towards our day’s efforts. The water was seriously cold but invigorating on tired muscles. This is one of our favourite places on Earth. The photos don’t do the bay justice.

Trousers Point | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

Mt Strzelecki.
Trousers Point on Flinders Island.

Add them to your bucket list.

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