Little-Derby trails

Whilst waiting for the big trails to dry, it was a great opportunity to grab a couple of e-bikes and tour around some of the littler trails with Mandy.

So many tracks. So little time. Neeeeeeed to return for a fortnight.

E-Bikes are tanks, but boy they make going up hills, climbing technical terrain, ascending tree rutted single track and generally extending your trail time, awesome. Like I said, they are tanks and descending needs to be done with a little care. They aren’t as flickable as your super light analogue treadly.

The green and blue trails are fantastic for the new to moderately experienced rider. You can make a day of it, or take a number of days riding them easily.

Derby, you rock.
It’s my second time riding here and I know that we’ll be back again.


    • They are great as you can simply spend much more time on the trails without being exhausted. You still have a workout, and if anything they are more physical to ride enthusiastically.

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