How to do all the walks in one day

Today we strung a few walks together. Bella vista OMG, the Mt. Field area is sure to delight any bushwalker, mountaineer or nature lover. A few things we spied today included finches, a Tiger snake and a light-brown coloured echidna. Plus plenty of wombat and pademelon poo.

A little 16Km walk, anticlockwise. Past Lake Dobson, Lake Seal, Lake Webster, Twilight Tarn, Twisted Tarn, Tarn Shelf Track, Rodway Hut, Rodway Hut and back to Lake Dobson.

It is so difficult to capture the immensity of the experience in images. It is so big, so rustic, tough and beautiful. Flowering trees, brilliant orange, green and maroon moss, that is inches thick. Pre-Cambrian, balding, rocky peaks, that frame the majestic plummeting valleys, whose lakes feed the dams below. Tarns fed by babbling springs and water soaks, trickle all around us. Constant chirping of finches, a wedge tail eagle sores overhead, literally hundreds of lizards sunning themselves on the paths, scatter only as we pass.

It is 32 deg, I’m not sweating, there is a cool breeze blowing, the sky is perfect blue, we just ate Mandy’s tasty wraps and a muesli bar is 5km down the road.

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