errrr …..yeah. Sorry.

Our first stop for today was the National Portrait Gallery, then the art gallery, finally, the museum. Mandy asked where my camera was?

Ok … so this is where I stand. I don’t take photos of other people’s photos. I don’t take photos of paintings either. I believe that the images that are expressed are owned by those who created them. I don’t have a right to simply take that image digitally and manipulate it.

I love taking my images and trying to express my emotions, my feelings and what the scene means to me through this visual construct. I’m lucky enough to be able to develop a text based humorous record of the events within this construct.

It’s been a learning curve technically and artistically, and for that I thank Mandy and Colin, my brother, for their help. So, today’s post is not about the artistic places we visited.

Obscurely it is about art.

PS. The portrait gallery rocks, go …. twice. The art gallery was OK; loved Andy Warhols work. Go to the Brisbane museum instead.

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