Colour – life in death in life

Colours; none bright, none psychedelic, all calming. Soothing scenes with remnants of fierce days not long passed. The 2019/2020 bushfires. Blackened bark, ash littering the rocky plainlands. Dry rocks, dry ground, jet black skeletal profiles, stripped of green life, stripped of animal nests, stripped of animals.

Kanangra Walls lookout, a scenic wonderland. We walked from the lookout point right around to the right. Standing upon the sheer rock faces and breathing in the clear clean air, reminds me that our land Australia is full of diversities and extremes. Around me is now timber monuments that were once forests. Yet the air is now clean, germination and regrowth of the ground cover is plentiful. Life in Death in life.

Some trees made it. The regrowth from the bottom of their trunks whilst the tops are bare surprises me. Their harden cases, blackened bark, armour from the fires are splitting and resilience of their new life is showing.

Amongst this almost biblical reincarnation, lies tiny miracles. A plant known a Actinotus forsythii, or pink flannel flower only germinates after fire and a fair bit of rain. I was told that they hadn’t been seen here for 30ish years. That is on the left.

Walking around this plateau reminded us of Tasmania. Cool crisp air, rolling hills, steep canyons.

Looking rough, I better find a shower tonight and have a shave. Mandy was happy walking along the ridge line you can see behind us in the photo below. So much to see. The path actually goes to the next town some 70Km away. It would be fun, but not today.

I loved walking along the rock wall face and looking over the edge. The euphoric feeling of infinite space is humbling.

Clean, crisp air fills my body.

Clean, crisp air fills my brain.


  1. This may be a good time to write a travel book. People who would normally holiday overseas will be looking for an alternative, your descriptive writing certainly appeals to me.
    Take care.

  2. I think that is a great idea from Reg 👍🏻
    And just the way you are doing it on here.
    You make me smile and giggle and if I don’t get the Aussie humour sometimes.

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