Carnarvon Gorge, more like CarnGorgeous

We have seen much of Queensland from the 20 odd years of driving from Cairns to Brisbane. Both the coast roads and inland ones have been fairly well explored. One place Mandy had been as a child and wished to take me to explore was Carnarvon George. This was our first major destination.

Day #1 Mickey Creek and then the Rock Pool was our afternoon walk. A pleasant leisurely stroll, perfect to unwind after the huge drive and setting up camp. It was hot, I mean seriously hot. We couldn’t help thinking that we were in for a big rainstorm tonight. We were right. Ha Ha. There was a reason so much of the landscape was this green.

After we had finished making three nights worth of Green Thai chicken and chickpea curries, we were visited by an echidna and thousands of flies. They weren’t around until the fatal moment when I added the fish sauce to the curry. Something about this smell was heaven to them.

Mickey Creek & Rock Pools

Day #2. This was a big one. The rain had cooled the day down a little. We were prepared with wraps, apples, muesli bars and many litres of water. An early start to the day was in order for our 8 hour trek. Each path offered sheer cliff faces with colours ranging from purple, pink, yellows, oranges, reds towards traditional tans and dirt. Most of the paths were flat and well-formed, the later paths being much more natural.

Moss Garden


Ward’s Canyon

Indigenous Art / story telling.

Boowinda Gorge to the end of the walk, Big Bend.

That night it rained again, all night. We were happy that we were able to be of assistance to this area as whenever we tent camp… rains.

Time to move on.


  1. GORGEous photos guys! Such a beautiful part of the world.
    Thanks so much for taking the rain with you 😉
    Good to see Les got to use his favourite word in the photo descriptions. I wonder how many times Mandy heard you say ‘sedimentary’ during the walks 😂
    Thanks so much for sharing xo

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