Birds, beaches, bums, boulders and Seals (there are no B words for seals). A Goolwa beach, Granite Island and Victor Harbour tour with a flathead and chips slipped in there somewhere. We are in the heart of the Murray River Mouth country. Where the beaches are endless, birds are bountiful and seals perform individualised synchronised swimming routines. Now, I do admit that it is a lot easier to perform a synchronised event as a solo artist, however this takes nothing away from their grandeur.

The short walk in from the river mouth towards the coast, allows us some time to stretch our legs and lungs in preparation for the sea spray and salt. A warm day, with a light breeze and endlessly clear sky, promises picturesque horizons lines over both terra firma and the ocean. We are surrounded by well vegetated sand dunes fit for colonies of small, furry and feathered creatures.

It is low tide, gently building. Rolling sets of three bumps come to shore, filling the dips and gullies created by the last tide. No shapes will remain, the waves will rewrite this script, repaint the picture and renew the pallet.

Returning to the Murray, and duck la ronge could be on the cards. Soooooo many birds. It is great to see so much nature and a healthy ecosystem. They don’t just come here to hang around and get their photos taken. Fish are everywhere.

It’s a hard life being a seal. It is especially difficult climbing up on this wall when you don’t have hands … The second photo was taken mid-spiral in a dance that escalated in ferocity.

Weathered rocks always spark my interest. These look as though they have had the side blown out of them, or were formed with huge air bubbles. Either way Granite Island is a lovely place to discover, spotting a quail family and a horse drawn buggy on the way out.

We can’t thank you enough Linda for being our tour guide. It’s been wonderful catching up with Linda and Chris after so many years and so many kilometres.


  1. In honour of the Coorong and Goolwa I’ve just re-read Storm Boy and cried over Mr. Percival. I hope you don’t get any storms. Spectacularly clear bird photos!

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