Van Life

Mandy and I decided to mix things up a bit. We want to do many of the walks around the Franklin-Gordon National park, to the west of Hobart…ish. Weather investigation showed that the bikes would be perfect transport if we were polar bears or salmon. Last time we checked, we were neither of these. However I’m becoming a little rounder each year and could be mistaken for a polar bear if I didn’t shave or have a hair cut, or perhaps a yetti.

I think I’m off topic…anyway so we hired a little van for a few weeks to move from walk to walk faster, and have shelter with the CRAZY weather that can spring up on you in the west.

So after picking up the van, filling it with groceries, stowing the bikes with a warm showers host, dropping the van back off again and picking up a new van that works properly….we were off.

Ted’s Beach.
Our first night of van life, we free camped at Ted’s beach on the shore of Lake Pedder. One of the lakes in the hydroelectric scheme of things. A beautiful area with views that reminded us a lot of Scotland.

That night all hell broke loose. A massive storm came through from the west that rocked the beach and our new mobile house. We were very glad that we were in the van. A few tent campers were airing out their tents the next day. The winds were cyclonic and bitterly cold. No brass monkeys were safe that night. Also lightening strikes were around us everywhere. A bit freaky considering the fires were started by lightening strikes last year.

Damn that’s big.

The Gordon River dam was very impressive. The dam is 31 times the size of the Sydney Harbour. That’s quite a log. And considering it is constructed without any structural steel. The double curve shape does the work of holding back all that water. WOW.

Scotland again. The white arid rocks and hash robust vegetation took us back there time and again.

Creepy Crawly

The creepy crawly walk was 25min of awesomeness. Moss everywhere, fallen trees and the boardwalk literally intertwined amongst it. At times we were literally on hand and knees to get through some of it. The walk makers didn’t remove any fallen trees. Rather they simply build the trail around what was there. It was magical…


Mt. Field walks

There are many walks around here. Many many many walks.
Two hours of wandering this afternoon allowed us to get a little perspirey whilst in 15 degree temperatures. Mandy thinks it was warmer but I’m sure to be correct.


  1. Good timing – a tent in a storm down there is no fun, I’ve had one destroyed around me and seen many others with different shaped poles to when they started !

    Mt Field is beautiful; love the waterfalls and twisty, mossy trees.

    I don’t know if it still is; but it used to be a mini tiny pocket ski field in winter (and sometimes in summer 🙂 )

  2. That was very lucky with the weather. Heard today [13\01] that there is possible snow in tassie❄️
    Loving the story and the beautiful photo’s.

  3. More and more memories returning. That is certainly a beautiful part of the world. So many amazing waterfalls all around Tasmania. Just worked out it is now over 4 years since we were there.

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