Alpine walking and beer.

At the harbour

Looking back from the centre of Hobart you can’t help but notice a rather large bump on the horizon. Some call it Mt Wellington, kunanyi in the local tongue. I call it adventure and burning quads, … bring it on.

View from the top

Arriving at the top on the hop on hop off bus is really the best way to explore some of the many trails in one day. What amazing views. We knew that Hobart had protected waters and bays everywhere, but it’s not until you see it with your own eyes that you realise the convoluted expanse of so many bays, water ways and tributaries.

Look out! … Where is the view going?
One second later

They did tell us to be aware and to be ready for any weather conditions, they were right. Within moments the clouds had rolled in and the view, gone…..




Time for a walk. We had four trails picked out.
– Organ Pipes track
– Pinnacle track
– Sphinx Rock track
– Silver Falls track
We met the bus three times and did about 10km of trail walking. All the trails were very easy, well maintained and mind blowing. So much moss, beautiful natural rock structures, wind blown trees, ancient land/rock slides, friendly birds who seemed to follow us everywhere and coffee half way down.


And believe it or not the final walk finished at a pub.

Thank-you Cascade, you can almost see the brewery from here.


    • You are more than welcome. Such an easy city to take beautiful photos.
      Lovely views everywhere and I simply love the colonial buildings.

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