Warrumbungle NP Take 2

Remember those shots from yesterday. They looked so far away, so steep, so jagged, so tall, so mountainous. I can concur…all of the previously mentioned adjectives. All of those lovely shots from yesterday, well that’s where we went today. 6 am and it was 3 deg outside. By 7 am we eventually warmed enough to move out from the blissful surrounds of the caravan.

The rocks in the centre of this image are where todays walk takes us. Up and over them.

Fiveish hours of walking ahead and a perfect day to do it. With a cool chill in the air and blue crisp clear skies, we bound up the mountain. Along yesterday’s track to begin, up the paved paths, then along to an insane staircase and scrambling up the final grade on hands and knees. This ascent had it all.

The sheer faces of all the tors around us looked ,all the world to me, like the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. Only difference is that the hexagonal crystalline solidification was horizontal instead of vertical. What this meant was that many of the rock faced tors simply had layers exfoliate into piles below. It was eerie and divine in its grandiose enormity.

The ridges were climbable and we did just that. I was constantly amazed, that not only did the walk get close to the ridges/spines, but we actually walked over them as part of the trail. This place looked old. No weather smoothed rocks here. Rough edges, sharp cracks, brutal colours in flora and geological artwork.

I mean, just look at this. We are climbing right over all of this.

On the way back down, and the trail isn’t so manicured. In fact it was downright loose, small boulders, slippery and gnarly. Care was to be taken always. Small lizards like geckos, large skinks and a few mice were our main source of entertainment today. Although, there was a four year old redhead boy who spun us out doing the same walk. Onya redheaded dad for instilling the joy of the bush in your son.

Our trial today followed:- Pincham Car park, Spirey View, Breadknife, Grand High Tops, Dows camp, Ogma Gap, and home via West Spiry Track.


    • Hey Jacky.

      Yes you’re not wrong if we were afraid of heights it would be terrible.

      PS Mandy is afraid of heights. Ha ha but she did very well.

      Cya. Les.

  1. These photos were just amazing! You two look like you’re having just the best time!
    Did you scream on those heights, Mandy? LOL🤣 xx

    • Hey Jenn.
      Mandy didn’t scream as much as I thought she would. Mind you she said that she didn’t look down either. She knew that all she needed to do was hug the rocks and keep moving up.

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