Power and Mud

I love raw power, simple power, power that requires, deserves and demands respect. What am I on about…..STEAM power. Old school traction and steam engines of all sizes, I love them. The polished brass fittings, gauges, handles, gushing steam and whistles. The smell of hot oil, fire heating the boilers and the anticipation of noise, power and movement of these centurion beasts. I love everything about them.

Pearn’s Steam World
Steam World has more than 200 significant pieces of equipment from massive vintage steam engines, to tractors, dozers, vehicles, domestic devices, steam launch, fire engine and many more. It’s the biggest collection of steam engines in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s well worth a look.

Poppy Plants

This field was a 63ha field of poppy flowers. It was beautiful and that is a heck of a lot of legal drugs. There was even a sign saying to stay clear and an electric fence to keep people out, soooooo that’s going to work. We found out later that this field was grown for Morphine and for the Seeds that go on the top of your bread. How did we find that out you may well ask….

Well the farmer who grew the poppies was driving out of his driveway. I flagged him down due to the fact that our van had decided to become a submarine. Yep….we had sunk. Seriously, I was just pulling off the road a little more to keep things safe and then…..blub blub blub. Oh well, we met a lovely farmer, thanks heaps Mark for pulling us out.

My new bike. They wouldn’t let me ride it Jay 🙁

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