200km/hr Ice Train

Making a quick exit is easy when your train can travel at 200km/hr. So smooth, it floated like a cloud. We are on our way to Nuremberg for a dose of the ancient and modern history. The train station is made from iron, not steel. MANY hand- beaten rivets. So cool.

Medieval City

Nothing like a walled Medieval city to get your historical vibes twitching.

Step out of another mind blowing, period, train station and you are immediately struck by a scene, reminiscent of a Harry Potter setting. I was looking for Diagon Alley everywhere, couldn’t find it. The walled Medieval city within Nuremberg awaits our explorative urges. 1000ish year old buildings, Turrets, spires, draw bridge mechanisms, Tudor style construction in houses and cottages. OMG.

Drinking traditionally brewed, local grape beer definitely helped me slide back a couple of hundred years and sink into the illusion of what life would entail here, back in the day. We started with some traditional dinner items. The five types of sausage on sauerkraut, added to the local culinary delights. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Modern History

Solemn reflection, is a simple way of explaining the emotions that go through you, when you were literally standing where the feet of one of the most confrontational leaders of our time stood. It was a very powerful moment. Congress Hall is one meeting place that was never completed. It is supposed to be twice the height and continue all the way around. It is still used today and has an orchestra housed in the grounds.

Nazi Party rally grounds.

The black and white images of the marching armies and Hitler youth, boys and girls, were taken here. The speeches given to the 200 000 persons were delivered here. Strong emotions fill my head when looking over the grounds. The remnants of the past, are now sporting grounds and a rider training area for motorcyclists.

The journey home takes us back through the old town towards home. Many fortifications, bridges, and architectural wonders amaze me. The hangman’s bridge spans an iconic river. We eagerly pace our way across it, as it is close to 7deg now. The wind is picking up and there are Nutella crepes to be found and consumed.

Towards the Canals

The next day arrives. We excitedly jump on the bikes for our first full day of riding. Today we will find canals and cruise down the misty waterways towards Neumarkt. Today we find the delights of cycle-only highways. Today, we enjoy mostly sun, easy paths and friendly dogs. Bumping into seriously old buildings, Easter preparations, fish being caught in the canals and simply very polite people…everywhere. Today is truly a wonderful experience.

Yep. Along the way, free maintenance stations. WOW.


    • Not a bad idea Kev. Would love to smoothly cruise down the river. LOL. Found some cobble stones today. That wasn’t so much fun.

  1. Love the captioned pictures, Les. (I’ve been looking for a way to replicate how they do it on Crazyguy, but small white type at the bottom looks great).
    Glad you guys took warm clothing 🥶.

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