bicycle touring stuff

Surly Disk trucker 26″

bicycle touring speciality

My little disk trucker. My means of transport. My way of getting there. My Surly.

Every Surly has had “Stuff” added. Here is some of the things I think is necessary… is heavy so some of these bits might fall off along the way.

Dynamo front hub-front and rear light-USB charger
Wider front rim
Lifted front rails on the Tubus rack
Reinforced hose on the rack rails so you can throw away the Ortlieb inserts.
Mud Guards
Spring to keep the steering straight while loading
BBB Thirst tanker bottle racks for 1.5L bottles
Pletcher two legged bike stand

Modified front Tubus racks and wide Alex Rim.

I’ve gone for a straight bar

Double wrapped flat bar
Bar end shifters, fitted onto inboard shortened bar ends
BIG bar ends
Eyeball bell
Bicycle Computer, Garmin GPS, Quadlock for Iphone
Probably will go with only one of these…..
I’m thinking Iphone with the MapOut App
Mirrycle mirror

camping gear

Sleepin Stuff

Old feather down Mountain design sleeping bag
Exped Synmat mat
MSR Mutha Mubba house
Cotton and Silk liner

Everything Else.

Lots of things. Everyone else lays all there stuff out for a fantastic Drone shot. I don’t have a drone and I’m feeling too lazy to be that organised. So here is all my stuff. Eventually I’ll probably do a pannier by pannier.