Windin Falls – A Dreamy Reality

Cairns in the winter is a dreamy, blissful place. Even the clouds are so relaxed, they are happy to chill-out in the valleys. I’m off and up the Gillies Range again to see how the day unfolds. No preconceived agenda. No concept of the days activities. I will just “follow my nose” and see what happens.

I live under the clouds somewhere on the right-ish near the second bump.

Lake Eacham

After reaching the top of the range, the Cruiser veered towards Lake Eacham. One of the crater lakes in the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics area. What does that mean to me?

It’s a nice place for a cuppa…

Speaking of which, I can’t draw myself away from using my trusted Trangia for a cuppa. It simply boils water so quickly. Kudos to the Swiss for this stackable, energy efficient, wind-shielded, lightweight, cooking system. As well as using the alcohol burner, I did buy a gas burner for it years ago and I’m looking forward to purchasing a second bottle of gas in another few years.

It just won’t run out.

Where the alcohol burner (methylated spirits) benefits by a smaller size, the gas burner is more adjustable and doesn’t create soot. P.S. you can put some water in with the metho and it will reduce the soot as well.

Nerada Tea Plantation
Tea consumed, having a chat with whoever strolls by completed, it’s time to fire up the cruiser and wander down some roads that, “I always wondered where that one went”. Funny thing is, I found myself at the actual plantation where my tea grew up.

Nerada tea is near Malanda and the tea fields literally span the hills as far as you can see.

Windin Falls

Windin Falls jumps out in front of me. I have only been here once before and I do remember that the view is literally to die for and it has a decent, not crazy, walk in (5km).

Only meeting one redbelly black snake, was a bonus. Being in a dream whilst doing so was not so much a bonus. I think we scared each other as we both jumped backwards about a metre, whilst I almost stepped on his tail.

Tree having a nap.
Some trees are just confused about what direction they should grow. Give them time, they will work it out.

Thick foliage either side of the well- maintained path keeps you alert. Actually almost standing on a Red Belly black snake keeps you more alert. A gradually descending red clay/dirt path is relatively easily transcended by bipedal animals.

Home sweet home-Log sweet log.

National Park policy, is to clear only the trees that have fallen across any roads or paths. That way the logs can break down into nutrients to refeed the rainforest. During this time the logs will play host to a plethora of organisms, insects, lizards, fungi and cute little furry people.

I got you buddy. Trees helping each other out
I think I’ll grow a knob today
Hold on Terry. Just trying to stop this one strangling me.

Windin Falls – Ah the serenity.

Talk about a wet edge pool, this beats them all. The view back to Bellenden Ker Range blows your mind. As does the massive vertical drop off where I’m about to go swimming.

Understandably sweaty and gross after the walk, I sneak down the last few rocks eager to cool off.

Really do watch your step here. There are many trees and edges to hold onto so the climb down is safe, just be careful.

Climbing into the pool can take some time, It’s FREEEEEEEEEEEZING. You can submerge your entire body, clean yourself and get that ice bath to ease the aching muscles.

Today I had one of those moments.
Luck was on my side.
This day was all about me.
I owned the falls.

As I was walking in, two people came past on their return trip out. No one else came to the falls whilst I was there. For over an hour, the falls were mine.

Back to the faithful waiting Cruiser.
Twentyish people passed me on their trip in.
Thankyou waterfall GODs ….. U ROCK.

Where will we go next?


  1. we are sitting in the middle of a week of wet wild windy weather, the house rocked all night,,,,, so to spend a time in Qld with you bush walking and I do remember how colddd the waterways are up there, I remember staying cool for hours after my first swim in one of the ponds, as usual love your foto’s and storyxxxxx
    Chris well on the mend, happy you appear to be recovered from your major surgeryxxxxxxx
    lovelovelove to you allxxxxx

    • Mine was like night and day Linda.
      So happy it is all over and I’m on the mend.
      Good luck with Chris and lots of luv from us to you both.

  2. Wow, those views and photos are great, perfect infinite horizon pool 🙂

    Definitely the best one of the waterfall circuit; something about swimming at the top is just much better than swimming at the bottom.

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