Water falls rock

Tully on my mind

Tully Gorge

Time to head west. The beach is great, but it is time to find some swimming holes in fresh water. There are less things to eat or kill you inland. Hopefully no teeth bearing lizards just a natural bath or two, some with the installation of waterfalls to create a natural spa. 


The Tully gorge is … gorgeous.  Healthy, thick, green, dense rainforest usually means one thing;  being anywhere near Tully also usually means one thing. RAIN!


But it didn’t, and this is quite confusing.  You see when I go camping it rains.  I mean, seriously, I only need to touch my tent, even whilst still at home and it will start raining.  We had already had one fine day, so our quota was filled. 


Tully Gorge National Park presented well, clean, with a lovely breeze.  March flies can’t read the calendar and they were present.  The campgrounds are flat, with ample room between sites. Enough to swing multiple cats at once and still hold a ballroom dance.  New, sparkling clean amenities with flushing toilets spoil us and fire pits appear to be scattered everywhere.


Kind of weird how there is a tide of one metre here.  Apparently, it has something to do with the hydro power station.  Water is released at 3pm every afternoon so the tide comes in, streams become rapids and Raging Thunder Rafts, sardined with tourists bump, splash and attack the rinse cycle towards Tully. 

Still alive

We swam, we didn’t get eaten.

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