Travel day

Is it time yet?

It’s here, it’s happening, it’s today, it’s exciting. 


We awoke in Kerri and Uncle Mickey’s house. Our family Christmas was over, many hugs given and warmly received. Coffee brewing to perfection; I carved some of the remaining  ham off the bone and made a toast around my fresh ham sandwich for breakfast. 

Ok time to get all our crap together. Mentally, metaphorically and physically.  

  • Fill: Our backpacks (carry on) with travel stuff. 
  • Put: Our shopping bags (casual Christmas clothes) into storage. 
  • Find: Where did the camera charger lead go?
  • Tech: Don’t forget to download the boarding pass on the phone. 
  • Organise: Go to the storage shed and put the last bits in. 
  • Drive: Go to the bikes and load them into the car. 
  • Scrutiny: At the airport. “No sir, there’s no c02 cartridges in the boxes. How’s the weight on the bike boxes?  How’s the weight on the pannier bags?  Yes, the fuel bottles are empty. Yes the Trangia burners are empty and no they don’t smell of fuel.
  • Bad me: Through to the metal detectors, I’m sure I only had one deodorant bottle. Turns out there were two. We found it eventually, Bugger. 

Eventually we passed. 

They allowed us into the airport. 

This is going to be AWESOME 


Keeping it safe in the plane and both airports. We had to keep our faces covered at all times. Made it difficult to drink coffee. Ha Ha.

Another slight delay and a small problem in Melbourne. Our flight was delayed by around half an hour. This prompted the TAXI company in Tasmania to ring us and say that they can no longer pick us up………. Hmmm interesting. So then we started to try and find another way to our accommodation. Not an easy thing considering we are flying in at around 11:30 pm now.

.so no taxis for us and our bike boxes
.to late to book a private driver on the internet
.no available cars to hire….I mean NONE
.we are not allowed to sleep in the terminal and ride out the next day
.it was raining
.we both kept a cool head and started to think about solutions

.I had been speaking with a lovely couple who had a private driver. We rang him and he suggested that he would go to the airport early and find another maxi taxi for us and ask them to hang around. What a champion.

.no drivers and no taxi’s would stay. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

.Soooooooooooo in the end he actually dropped the lovely couple off in Hobart and then came back and picked us up as well. He was awesome. He didn’t have to help us out but he did. What an amazing man.


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