Time to travel

The time had come for us to move on from our digs at the Alabama Hotel. It had been very comfortable, funky, reasonably priced and central to all walkable things in Ho-town (as a couple of locals called it)…err Hobart. The room was small and funky, as were the staff – small and funky :-).

Front of the Alabama Hotel-the height of cycling fashion

This of course means that it is time to climb, as there is nothing but hills in all directions out of Hobart. Jumping on the fully loaded bikes again was a little challenging. Kind of like when you were a kid and tried to ride your friends Irish wolfhound, and he didn’t like it. We wobbled off, found Granny gear and spun like crazy. I’m talking if your legs were mix masters, the pate would be made in moments.

Hills are always bigger in reality than in a photograph.
They are especially larger when on a touring bicycle fully loaded.

A short while later and to my utter joy, I started noting some beautiful old cars passing us by. Rounding the next corner we found a park with a plethora of exotic, old, rare and beautifully crafted metal, timber, plastic, alloy and I’m sure many other materials.

Ah, my morning is turning out to be wonderful. Onward and upward…mostly due to the hill in front of us again. Some history…a tower for making shot for guns. Some Dutch heritage here as well.

I love these colonial buildings. Just think of how difficult it would have been to cut this stone, transport it, and then lay it; all with the technology of the day. Bugger all.

Ducking into Margate for a chill out, yoga, cuppa and some locally made bread, cheese and dips. Divine…

The park had a child’s cycle course that incorporated real and operating traffic lights so kids can learn how to drive to the signals. It was full for the many hours that we were there and didn’t look like emptying as we eventually rolled out.

Oh heavenly cycle god; thank yee for your wisdom and creation of bicycle only highways. YES – from Margate to Snug was all off the highway, on this beautiful cycle path. Yep some of it was dirt, some fully sealed, all quite heavenly. Mandy tells me that it was the local council…non believer.

Snug is awesome…

That is all I really need to say about it. We loved our two days here. Walking the headlands, an IGA with a great selection of foods, wonderful hosts Pete and Michaela from the WarmShowers network, and the best dog ever Millie.


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