Tent Time-Straubing

Camping Hospitality

Strangers, passers by, people from the Bavarian region, from day one, have delivered endless hospitality. We are camping tonight, surrounded by motorhomes filled with retirees, families with all-aged children, dogs and even a bird. Coffee was thrust into our eagerly trembling hands. Later from another camp, offers for us to use their table and chairs whilst they go and have dinner. I must admit, it does make it easier to type this passage. It is nice, it is friendly, it is the simple interactions that you really appreciate and it is those that bring people together; regardless of race, creed, colour or kind.

Season Changes

Sneaking ever closer to our Straubing destination, we share our ride time today between canals and the Eurovelo cycle highways. Traversing mainly inland through cultivated fields and new agricultural growth. Consisting of mostly vegetables, we think. Make hay whilst the sun shines. Small allotments for family use spring up as well. These are mostly for the weekend warrior or hobbyist. Our timing here is impeccable. Many flowers and trees are blooming for the new season. Cherry blossoms are in full swing and twigs that resemble a fully grown tree, only naked, are beginning to sprout this years latest tree fashion. Wildlife, other than eagles and countless birds are scarce. For the first time we spot one fox and numerous deer running wild. (update, we found many more deer and so many hares – riding early in the morning is the best for wildlife spotting.)
Steady Ivan πŸ˜‰

Wonder weir

The cityscapes are changing a little. The Danube is also larger, wider with not only canal boats, but now speed boats and massive people movers. A massive weir appears. It has water constantly flowing over it, and a considerable amount as well. I love the ingenuity that this one offers. On the extreme right, is a ramp with water flowing over it. So you can push, tow, paddle UP the water ramp to the upper level. If you have a personal boat, canoe, whatever, you can go up a level. So cool.

An Architect’s Dream

There are many figurines around the town. In many of the rebuilt buildings, they are actually the originals. The figurines were taken from the original building, or rubble that was a building, and replaced once repairs or rebuilding had been completed. I am still constantly amazed by the mixture of medieval and Romanesque designs of the churches, city gateways, halls or just someone’s house.


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