Snail’s Pace

Meet Trevor.

Trevor was our mentor, tutor and mascot for today’s ride. Everything about Trevor typified today’s journey.

Trevor’s advice #1….take it slowly. Ok, we had this one covered, especially with a planned 78km of highway A3 (the only road option) in front of us. We knew that if we rushed it we could injure ourselves or ‘bonk’ (cycling term for running out of energy) before reaching our destination. This would be bad.

Trevor’s advice #2….stay wet. Ok, we also had this one covered. The predictions were that it should rain all day. It actually did rain all day, thus ensuring we kept to our master’s teaching…..we were wet…..all day.

Trevor’s advice #3….stay out of the wind. Two out of three weren’t bad. We failed Trevor and were sad about that. Our 78km ride was into a headwind all day. This equated to many rest stops, many stretching sessions, a few refuel stops and a ride taking 9 hours.

Sheep didn’t care about the rain.
Views up the East coast are amazing.
I wonder what is over there?


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