Romantist or Classicalist …. is that a word?


A bewildering testimony to the written word, conjures deliberate cognitive primordial thought soup. Littered with analogies, similes, metaphors, philosophies, theology considerations, provoking inquisitiveness; whilst oppressively addressing the overwhelming desire to extinguish all frivolous interactions. The written word being the required conduit. The cerebral mass, the destination. Intellectual stimulation, the compost.

……the moment of realisation…..
…..the moment truth is exposed……
…..the moment of conscious and deliberate enlightenment/disillusionment simultaneously…..
…..the moment reality embraces intellectual vertigo…..


That moment was today.

Today I embraced the reality of intellectual disillusionment. Today I repudiated the concept of single line philosophical continuity. Today I awoke to the realisation of perpetual torment, intertwined within a serpents nest that relates to philosophical distinction.

Today I accept my reality as a Romanticist and and Classicalist simultaneously, whilst both being distinctly isolated.

This realisation promotes an enquiry around the validation of psychological thought. Indeed the validation of health around cerebral awakedness. Conversely; will it feed a discontinuation of reality, plummet into a parallel existence, create a void within reality or simply inspire cerebral exfoliation?……..

Oh, and I like baby wombats.

P.S. currently rereading “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”


  1. 😢 I’m sorry but I didn’t understand any of that….
    I’m just a plain speaking girl with no idea what you were talking about.🤔
    Big and hard words scare me…. 🫣😩
    So what was the question again??🤪

    • Hey Jacky.
      This philosophy dates back to roman times. I have been reading about it in a little book called “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”. It is worth a read. 🙂

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