Rain Rain come again….paddle board anyway


The images in this post were taken and edited with an iPhone X. I decided to try this, as I have determined only having two arms is a definite disadvantage. Juggling a dSLR, a paddle and whilst standing on the SUP proved to be problematic. The images are edited with Light Room for iOS. I’m 75% happy with the outcome.


After a morning of work and a couple of hours to yourself in the afternoon … what to do? It is winter on the Tablelands, west of Cairns, you are literally ‘in the clouds’. It is English weather-grey and drizzly rain. Actually when we were in Pommy Land, we had perfect weather for 3 months. Just don’t tell them that…

What to do? … Paddleboard Lake Eacham.


Whilst working on the core muscles (exercise) and paddling about (chillin’ out), one must be careful of the 8″ fin that dangles under the said paddleboard. Now generally, when paddling, the motion is effortless, buoyancy and stability approved to survey standards and experiences are serenely sedate. That is until the aforesaid fin strikes an immoveable, submerged paddle board parking brake; otherwise known as a tree. We now have a moving mass issue. The board stops, the motor (me), keeps going … ah that is refreshing. And yes the iPhone is water proof.


I have been on the look out for snakes here for months now. I know there are many and they vary in size and species. Most can kill you, most don’t want to…5′ Redbelly black, 13′ Python, Tiger and other snakes are about. They do like to hang out in the canopy, apparently, just haven’t spotted any yet. A local told me to visit at night, they are out, all the time. Looks like a night trip might be in order.

Whilst circumnavigating this wonderland, eight turtles ranging in size from 4″ to 12″ tried to make themselves vanish. A difficult task when the water is crystal clear. Heaps of stripy fish and a few red claw round out the Aquarian variety.


I like these. Cool colours. You can also cut the top and the bottoms off and use them as a straw. Not sure about the hallucinogenic qualities of this practise.

Warmth and Grip

Today was also about trying out something new. We both purchased a set of wet shoes from Anaconda. Around $14 on special. They worked wonders to keep the tootsies warm. Having holes on the top, bottom and with breathable fabric, the shoes allowed water to only visit for a short time, then simply pass through. You didn’t feel like you were standing in a puddle. The other advantage, that I wasn’t actually thinking about when I purchased them, was that they are quite sticky on the grip surfaces of the SUP. No mistaken foot slips this trip.

Wet shoe.

Coffee gods call

When the ‘coffee gods’ do call, the only answer is the Aero Press when on the road. This little gadget is by far the best way to make a coffee. Simply better then many baristas (or barristers) can achieve. Inexpensive and very durable. Ours has been on the road with us through Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, a lap of Australia, Tasmania, many many many many years of weekend trips and it is still brewing up strongly. The only change I have made is to use a stainless steel filter instead of the paper filters. A quick wash and it is ready to go again and again.



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