Passau, Germany


Medieval town, after Medieval town, it’s mind-blowing. After our night camping in Straubing, we roll into a town called Passau . Along the way I find a really cool tractor which is actually a diesel Porsche. Didn’t know they did a diesel. Let alone a tractor.  Also, along the route we see evidence of Easter, in abundance of creativity and fun. Many trees are laden with eggs; colourful, painted and decorated. Some people have gone to extravagant efforts for their Easter scenes, within windows, benches and entire yards.


Whilst we cycle down the Danube, we have used many different methods to get across the canal. Simple vehicular bridges, foot bridges and locks have been the norm. Today we came across something a little different. A tethered ferry lay awaiting us. Alas, there was no skipper to be seen. Searching up and down the canal, we waited awhile, took a few photos, rode onto the ferry, grabbed the brochures and looked around. After Renata had finished her cup of tea, she arose from her cottage, grabbed her bicycle, cycled down the winding cobblestone alleyway to the ferry and us patiently waiting. She had been watching us on CCTV the whole time, and knew we weren’t going anywhere. Awesome character and a lovely lady. We traversed the canal with a swan-like leisurely glide. Taking up the path on the opposite bank.

New tent day

Unfortunately, our evening of camping was a little damp. Upon setting up the tent, Mandy knelt onto the floor, as one does. Water rose up through the ground, through the ground sheet and right through the floor of the tent itself. Nope, there were no splits, no cuts, no abrasions. It was just the fact that our 10-year-old tent had had enough. In order to have a dry nights sleep, we moved the tent to high ground, actually, the campground road, and decided it was time that the tent and us parted company. This was its last night with us. We’ve been through a lot this MSR tent, Mandy and I.  We have seen much of Australia and now some of Europe. But it’s time to move on put the old tent out to pasture, or in fact the rubbish bin, find a Decathlon and purchase a new one.


Simon‘s Confiserie is a chocolate shop and a half. It is also is famous for its gingerbread. We did indeed have to ensure that the chocolate and the gingerbread was also up to standard.  Yep…again. As was the coffee and Waffles…..and ice-cream.

Germans win (at building churches)

I’m not necessarily a religious man. However, I’ve been through a few churches in Italy, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As well as a number of castles within these countries. I do have to admit, I think the Germans won when it comes to churches. One can’t grasp the immense magnitude and opulence that is shown within a camera lens, let alone an iphone camera. The attention to detail, the colour and the enormity of the structure, including immense workmanship in order to create this grand building, is something to behold. Seriously, you need to get here and check it out. St Stephen’s Cathedral.

Olympus gone

Some of you might be wondering why I’m using the iPhone and not my Olympus. Unfortunately, my Olympus is having a bad day. I’m trying to work out the issue, but I don’t know if I will; sad face.


  1. Looks beautiful! The Germans definitely win at churches! Bring some gingerbread home for us! 🙂

    Love, Kady and Nanna xoxo

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