Petrifaction Bay.

Lava flows on the beach, with petrified timber and solidified gas bubbles everywhere. Petrifaction Bay – Furneaux Geotrail (flinders.tas.gov.au)

The wombat lady (Kate Mooney) here on Flinders Island looks after orphaned wombats from road strikes. She has cared for and released 100s of them. We were lucky enough to find her on the main street and were able to lend support to a few orphans for a while. They are SOOOOOOO cute.

Meet the wombat wonder mum of Flinders Island | Take 5 (nowtolove.com.au)

The Wombat Lady of Flinders Island | Discover Tasmania – YouTube

Derek the baby wombat bringing tourists to Flinders Island – ABC News

If you would like to help her please go to the Go Fund Me page.


Our last walk for the day was along Castle Rock towards All Ports Beach. Stunning again, many different rock formations from smooth polished boulders (sorry camera batteries ran out) to Bay of Fires beauty.


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