Having a 1st world problem kinda day.

Act 1:

So we bought the tickets in August for TAS. Our amazing year was about to start, our dream, our saving focus for the past four years. Departing from Cairns means that you must transit somewhere. Our tickets were for transiting through Melbourne. This sounded perfect until the awful news of the major outbreak. Then they had their big shutdown. So we rebooked for a Sydney transit.

Second act:

Scene one:

The airline had our second flight leaving prior to the first flight landing in Sydney. We only noticed this once they had emailed us the new tickets. Nice….

Scene two:

So……back on the phone for another three hours to sort out the flight details.

Act three:

Seven days out from the start, we have news of another break-out. This time in Sydney. So panicking a little, we rebooked tickets and yes transiting through Melbourne again.

As I said, this is a first world problem.

I feel embarrassed writing this, as the reasons for my inconvenience is also the reason for so much heartache, so much sickness, so much sadness.

Final Act:

Let’s hope 2021 brings normality, health, sanity and growth for us all.

Let’s hope

P.S. Yep we changed our flights one more time in the end. We moved them forward 2 days, as we just wanted our experience to begin.

Bring on 2021.

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