NT-Big rocks, little rocks, many rocks.

Since SA, we have been travelling many, many, many, many kilometres. Literally many 1000s. So my posts have often been sporadic and brief to say the least. The situation is compounded by being completely wrecked at the end of the day, from the tyranny (ha ha) of sightseeing national treasures, the enlightenment of the outback stretches, or the waterboarding repetitiveness of the three song lists that I have downloaded on Spotify.

No different today. P.S. go to Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and the Olgas) They are simply stunning.


Kulgera Pub, a free camp for the night. The moke club was on a holiday together. About 5 of them towing these little trailers with roof top tents. Awesome…..


First look at the Rock.

Staying at Curtin Springs is a free camp with an awesome view of Mt Conner. One is required to book at least a year in advance to stay near the rock and then the prices are nutz. So we didn’t do that. A short 100Km drive, it’s relative, in towards the national park; allowed us spectacular views.

Riding around Uluru, “iPhone Photos”…

So many wild flowers and trees with leaves. The rains have made the lands full with life and colour.


Kata Tjuta (Olgas) were fun to walk around and through. We enjoyed the ability to be amongst the rocks, touch them and be a part of the scenery.


It’s cold but it’s nice. Walpa Gorge.


    • Michael the country out here is breathtaking. There is a lot of space between any towns but the serenity is amazing. I am surprised to see you so much greenery and foliage around but They have had rain recently. The beautiful desert flowers are a testament to the rains.

  1. Don’t you just love the Territory! Uluru and surrounds are so special! Great photos Les! Can see you are well rugged up, Mandy!😊xx

    • It was absolutely freezing Jenny. We were both rubbed up pretty well with thermals and puffy jumpers on all the time. We move back into Queensland now that the craziness of Covid is once again hit our country. Yes Uluru and the olgas were magnificent

    • Such an amazing place. We really loved both Uluru and the oldies. A little Mokes with their little rooftop tent on the trailer trailers were fantastic

  2. Gorgeous colors – lots of wildflowers too, must have been some rain.

    Love the 4wd mini mokes – perfect for exploring the outback 😀 who needs the cruiser!

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