New Boot Day

For those who trod the untroddable. Those who strive for confident grip. Those who insist upon silk linen, cloud like comfort in the harshest of Alby Mangle’s situations. I can solemnly, with all my heart and after a full years road test, not recommend my last set of boots. They weren’t bad, but they did have a tendency of wanting to rip off my big toenails upon bouldering. Oboz weren’t for me again.

After completion of the Tarn Shelf, a mud sloshing, rock hopping, snake dodging, scramble climbing, tree root tip toeing event; I noted that I had precisely the equivalent grip level of an elephant, in roller skates upon an ice rink that for some reason was sprayed with Teflon.

Teva Grandview GTX…….OMG I’m in love

So a quick trip was made to find some new boots. I have a FNQ foot, Far North Queensland. That means it is almost as wide as it is long. So finding footwear for me is normally an issue. The lady in ‘Find Your Feet’ asked me a few questions and came back with a selection that was almost the same height as she was…..literally. After the first try, she said….’no you need these ones’. and yes she was right, ‘I NEEDED THESE ONES’. Without a doubt these are the most comfortable shoe/boot I have ever owned. They hug the foot in the right spot, my toes are FREEEEEEEEEE and they don’t move at the heel. These are truly a boot from the NEXT LEVEL……an enlightened boot.

Driving out to Beauty Point area, we are camped near Greens beach in the Narawntapu National Park. The afternoon walk was only able in between rolling thunder storms.

Keeps us on our toes….another pun….sorry.


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