Melbourne – walk about


From far north Queensland all the way south to Melbourne. A few days here to check the place out. OMG the food is crazy, so much variety, so many shops, so many people.

Plays and comedy

Play: If you’re in Melbourne, check out a play called “and Juliet”. Two hours of entertainment, and I’m talking ‘laugh out loud’ comedy, ‘explosive energetic’ dancing, ‘perfect pitch’ singing, and a cool bend on Shakespeare. Including Shakey baby himself.

Comedy: Akmal has been around for years. We are looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night. .


  1. a trip down memory lane, thanks Lez, I cant remember ever going to melbourne which we have done many many times, and not gone to the market, and I agree the lanes and art is amazing, such talent, plus I love how now its allowed to be part of the landscape and not washed away, love to you bothxxxxxxxx

    • Linda. The food here is mind blowing. So many options and only one stomach. We are lucky the weather has been kind, it’s cool which I’m absolutely loving. Mandy is a little bit of an ice block but she’s coping well. At least she’s trying to for me.

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