Lotsa moving, stuff and things

Today started with a quick drive to see some of the world’s most fragile looking creatures; however they are surprisingly rigid, with an exoskeleton much like a snail, or a tank as I like to think of it. Hard on the outside and squishy in the middle. Seahorse World at Beauty Point was quite an experience. They breed them to sell them all around the world. Very cute and I’m glad we stopped for a look. The bubs are only 15mm long and the male carries and births the eggs.


Further down the road we stopped in at the site of a mine disaster that occurred in 2006. There was a extensive museum about living and mining throughout the ages as well but seeing where Todd Russell and Brant Webb were stuck for 2 weeks, 1km underground, was the highlight.

The Indian Cafe

The Indian Cafe was the lunch venue. A pile of old bikes and crumbed scallops was just perfect for me.

National Automobile museum.

Motoring, motor sport and engine oil runs deep in my blood. When we came across this little shed I had to stop for a while. This one’s for you Uncle Mickey and Ron.

Alum Cliffs

A great little walk to see another gorgeous valley with some gnarly and sharp cliffs. No peregrine falcon today.

Mole Creek Tavern

We stopped for a beer at the Mole Creek Tavern. Last time we were here, we stayed with the girls. It was a funny experience. After 10pm everyone left. I mean everyone except us. It was also haunted. Perhaps that is why everyone else left…….

Cradle Mountain.

The final part of our journey was to brave the drive to Cradle Mountain. Ready for tomorrow’s adventures. Why brave the drive do you say? Well, we are currently experiencing gusting winds up to 90km/h and it is predicted to get to -13 tonight. Mandy is already frozen in her seat and has been swearing at me for the last half an hour about how she doesn’t want to die here. I couldn’t take the old camper above 60Km/h and I actually really didn’t want to. It looks like a pregnant guppy and it drives like it has a sail on it. That’s not a good thing when the wind is at 90km/hr and the roads are a little narrower than the car is in the first place.

Eventually we arrived at a campsite that we didn’t intend on staying at. We plugged in and turned the heater ON. Plus the camp kitchen has an open fireplace. AWESOME.

Tomorrow we were going to tackle the Cradle Mountain summit but in this weather, we will see.


  1. Love Weedy Sea Dragons, there is a big colony of them South of Sydney where I used to do a lot of diving – look kind of like swimming Seaweed!

    If the wind is too much for Cradle Mountain the Dove Lake circuit is pretty protected and is really nice…

  2. Nice fire 🔥!!
    -13 degrees , That’s cold.
    Hope your sleeping bags are up to those freezing conditions.
    Greetings from Burleigh Heads.

    • It is crazzzzy. We are in the van and we did go to a park so we can plug into 240V for up here. It is sooooo cold at the moment. All part of the experience. I really wish that it would snow. Perhaps next time. 🙂

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