Locked DOWN

So we are now stuck in the SE Qld lockdown; it is time to stay indoors. We have allowed ourselves time to exercise outside, whilst remembering to stay clear of other people.

Board games, puzzles, finding that recipe, gardening, mowing, cooking, baking, knitting, paperwork, dusting, housework, washing, running the boat motors, generator, whipper snipper, canoeing, time to get around to all those jobs we were ‘getting around to’. This is what Lockdown is all about. Oh and free weights, yoga, brief bicycle rides and the painful sadistic joy of a new Shakti mat. Keeping it sane and trying to keep fit…ish.

Trouble is mum makes a wicked fruit cake. But then again, it is after all……….FRUIT cake.

Zeus on the loose; somehow found his way to the outback. “Google it”.

Analysing the above image. You can see the descent and climbing profile of the entire ride. The way down the hill at the 15km mark was so much fun. This part of the road is the old range, it is sealed and in perfect condition. Being blocked off, bikes are free to cruise down the hill at whatever speed you wish. Scattered amongst this fast run is the occasional side trail around a tree on the edge of the road, with the expected 3 foot drop back onto the tar, Nice and yes, of course, I hit all of these. The rest of the ride included single track, dirt roads, backroads and bike paths that made for an easy day.

We may be stuck. But being stuck here with mum is awesome. iphone shot

This couple take self isolation seriously.


  1. Been wondering where you’d got to… Missing your blogs. But it looks like you’re still having a good time. Keep safe.

  2. Enjoy time with your Mum, Les. She’s going to love that and so will you!

    Now………………… I still think your talents as a teacher are wasted! I’ve said this before but I doubt that anyone else who knows you thinks that. (Other than English teachers of course who recognise great writing talent)
    Your writing style gets me so enthusiastic and keen to travel that I think you should do the world a favour and become a travel writer, especially when you start talking about wood/logs, a topic very near to my heart.
    Enjoy the journey you two. See you back in Cairns.

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