Daintree MOTO

But today it is on my MOTO. I like travelling with no fix agenda, just move and see what happens, no time restrictions, directions or time tables. I haven’t packed any camping equipment or a change of undies, so I’ll need to make it home tonight. So out of the garage, a 1.5L water bottle, a yoga mat, this computer, my wallet and a desire to see where my bike takes me. Hmmmm we appear to be travelling North.

It’s not long until the km roll by, out of the city, out of the beaches and onto one of Australia’s best driving roads. A stretch on the coast just north of Cairns towards Port Douglas. The road travels along the tangent line of rainforest laden mountains and the ocean. A glass ocean, a flat ocean of a blue hue only freshly mixed and painted this morning, just for me.

Giving Port Douglas the big dodge and flick, we appear to be still travelling north. This can only mean one thing; the CB500X wants to go to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Well, if you must. But seriously ,you know that you don’t really like a dirt road, you know you get a little ill-tempered. A quick ferry ride and off we go into thick rainforest. The expectation of seeing crocs fills me so quickly, I giggle like an eight year old. Searching the Daintree River banks with my eyes, back and forth, up and down, surely there must be some lizards around here, the river is full of them. Today I didn’t see any, although that doesn’t exclude the fact that lizards didn’t see me. Next time perhaps, on the return trip.

COFFEE, is being screamed at me by my own body. No I say, you are having too much, have water instead. But please sir, it says we need to help support the local community. Coming into the village I stop and sooth the savage beast; the beast that is my addiction. It is now that I meet Mark on a big KTM dirt bike. Soon Bill and Mary turn up on there Ducati. They have just left Darwin, gone to the tip and are now travelling south to do a lap.

Onward and northward on Bloomfield road again. Onward and upward, off the tarmac and onto dirt. Now I did tell you you would be ill-mannered, a bit jumpy and a bit squirrely. I was right wasn’t I and then you still wanted to go through two creek crossings, with river rocks in the creek bed. Lucky I stayed loose and you behaved yourself, or things may have become a little damp. Still you found Cowie beach, an awesome place to chill for a bit. A secluded corner to have a pee….errrrr I mean get out my yoga mat and stretch all my joints. I may have also practised using my throwing knifes as well. Still can’t get the timing right.

Look Left
Look Right

Time to turn around, 200Km done I need to refresh with some lunch and write a few words down. So now I have caught up with the day. Sipping on a Cascade Dry Ginger Ale and looking at the beach breaks and white caps rolling in on Thornton Beach. Looks like the wind is up and the ride home could be a bit interesting.

Good I like interesting.
P.S. the hand cut chips were good too.

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