Canberra also does a zoo

Please allow me to make it very clear – I don’t like animals in cages. Even the ones that would rather gnaw on my head than look at me. The Zoos that we have been to are all specifically developed to save animals. From the Sun bears who were freed from tiny cages, to the almost extinct African species. These zoos have breeding programs to try and support, or even grow the numbers of these animals. The cages are necessary. The enclosures are well made and allow the animals freedom to explore, play and generally enjoy themselves. Sure, it is not the same as where they came from. However, at least they are safe, and perhaps the Zoos will keep some species alive.

We arrived early and had a go at feeding some of the larger, blood thirsty beasts. The Hyena was a thrill, as was the bears. Mandy wasn’t sure of the snake, but once she held it, I think she want one of her own.

Thankyou Canberra Zoo …… now where is the next one?


    • Yes it is Jacky.
      You Are actually in the compound with them. There is a glass window beside your bedroom or your living room into the pen it self. At $2500 a night we didn’t stay here. But it would be an amazing experience.

      Tigers are so cool. So are cheaters.

  1. Cool kill shots Mandy with the tiger and bear. Um…maybe not best word choice!

  2. Wow! Many species I didn’t recognize. Must be an amazing experience going there. I loved seeing Mandy feeding a tiger. I would have enjoyed that. I thought I spotted a meerkat in one of the photos. One of my favorite little creatures, but not found around here except in captivity.

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