Canada again

With a very Canadian twang in his voice, the passing senior gentleman postulated that he, “…thought he was back in Canada again…” I agreed and reminisced that it was indeed the birthplace of the original design, however it took Ross Cook of Rosco Canoes to get it right and here in Australia.

The Canadian canoe has to be one of the best vehicles to discover closed waterways – silently and safely. Slipping through the water, on a fast retreating tide, is no issue due to us only drawing around 20mm at worst. Yes this was down at my end, but I must protest here, my end is the pointy one at the back and thus less buoyant so I must be lower down in the water. Err, it might also have something to do with Mandy being around half my weight.

What a brilliant idea. Just inside the bar and in the middle of the channel, the local fishing club has a stationary pontoon available for anyone to berth beside. This is a special pontoon, being fitted with a stainless steel table, bucket and water supply. Why do you ask? Well, to clean your fishing catch for the day. Keeping all the natural yucky, smelly fishy stuff out here in the ocean and not at home in a wheelie bin, stinking out the neighbours and attracting every local cat within a 10 Km radius. You must still take the frames out to sea or home to use for burly next time, but at least the fish will be filleted and the waste can be used to feed the local estuarine fishies.

I fell in love with this sailing/fishing boat when on the water. It wasn’t until we were putting the canoe back onto the cruiser that we noticed this plaque. Jack Gray’s boat, built in this area and used until his death. What a wonderful piece of history. It floats on without him…

Not so “Wild” life around the camp.

Afternoon beach walks for relaxation.

Needed some relaxation after the trip down from Bermagui to Pambula Beach. A little storm the night before led to trees down and flooded rivers. The cruiser would have crossed it all without an issue, however I didn’t want to get my vegetables wet in the the camper. Oh well, a cuppa on the road and a few hours chill time prior to moving on. No problem as time isn’t an issue at the moment.

One of these would have been handy for the creek crossings. I had to laugh; does he really need the snorkel? I mean if the water is at that height, he would be forwarding a creek of 4-5 metres in depth. This truck should obviously be supplied with a snorkel for the driver to breathe as well.


    • Hey Jacky,
      No surfing at this beach. REALLY big waves here and no board for me at the moment. However the canoe is always a nice time. 🙂

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