Ah….Sunshine coast, Beach, Maleny, Secrets on the Lake

Sunshine by name, sunshine by nature. What a place. Pure beauty.
From the hinterlands, where the coffee and cake are prepared to perfection. Toward the almost empty beach. Bliss.

Secrets on the Lake

Secrets on the lake https://www.secretsonthelake.com.au/ allows you an escape from the hustle and bustle of Maleny. Just around the corner and down a bit of a hill, but it really isn’t far away. With expansive views of Lake Baroon, the magically carved environment reveals itself to be a stylish restaurant, cafe, accommodation, wedding venue, romantic get away and so much more. The structures, buildings and walkways are all made from timber and are seamlessly blended within the rain-forest. Tastefully harmonising existing trees within the rooms, decks and buildings.

Carvings are literally everywhere. At first I was astounded at the magnitude and enormity of the carvings. It soon became a joy to seek out both large art pieces and the most minute. Little animals or plants adorn intricate elements of the buildings, raised walkways, wall hangings, shelves, window frames, the list is endless. As Molly Meldrum says “Do yourself a favour” Go for a weekend, a week or just a cuppa as we did. It IS worth it.

Mudjimba Beach

Where??? who knew, right. You know when you go, yeah why not. Never been there, lets have a look. Well that was Mudjimba beach. Mum and I had just devoured some wonderfully cooked prawns from a local corner store and decided we needed some beach time before heading home. Driving south along the Sunshine Motorway, the Mudjimba Beach sign jumped out at us. Mum made the call so we deviated to find out what was behind all those bushes that divides the highway from the surf. I’m very glad that we did.

Sneaking through the native foliage, revealed the effective use of sand dunes for environmental protection, whilst allowing you to gain access to the massive expanse of sand. I mean this beach is glorious. First thing that came to mind was…., “where is everyone”. Straining my eyes, I can see flags both north and south. Patrolled beach areas are there, but no one is here. I like here. The seagull likes here. Mum likes here, so we walked, kicked the sand, chased crabs, played in the waves here. Thank you very much spontaneity. You ROCK.

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