A seal of approval

Our last day at Bermagui, so down to the seals for a quick cuppa and chat. They were quite ignorant and not in a talkative mood at all. In fact this bob of seals were chillin’.

Sir David Attenborough would be proud, ahem…..”A group of seals, known amongst other things as a ‘Bob’, often lay close to the shore when resting. These ‘Sea Dogs have the ability to shut down half of their brain and usually put one flipper in the air for wind and current direction whilst in this meditative state. They come close to shore to reduce the risk of being eaten by whale sharks.” Not a bad idea I thought.

Why ‘Sea Dogs?’ Cause their faces look like puppy dogs.

Not a bad spot to hang out if you are a seal.

Ducked up the road to meet up with another couple of travellers. Friends from Cairns just happened to be passing through the same direction as us. Lovely local beer ‘Kosciusko’. Cheers Helen and Alan.


  1. I love seals. We saw many in Northern California, Oregon and Washington state years ago. I could watch them for hours.

    • They were lovely. We hope to paddle our canoe near some in the coming week. Fingers crossed.

  2. Looks chilly but pretty! Great to see Helen and Alan!😊Always good to catch up with friends from home.

    • Yes. A fluke that we crossed paths on the road. It is cool, but we are loving the weather.

      A nice cool change.

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